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If you’d like to ask any questions about me or how I do phone and/or face to face readings, feel free to contact me. I’d be delighted to speak to you. Please email (kat@kathleenavino.com) or call (516-225-8054). I will answer emails within 24 hours. — Love, Kat Avino
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In the many years that I have sought help and guidance from Kathleen, her abilities have never steered me wrong. Regardless of what I want to hear, her advice has always in the past, and continues at present to lead me in the right direction and guide me towards positive outcomes. Her guidance also leads me to make wise decisions in my life. Kathleen is a refreshing source of honesty and compassion in times where everything seems in question. On a scale of 10 she gets 100.

Lauren, Brooklyn

When I met Kat three years ago I believed that the limitations in my life were stronger than my inner divinity. I believed sad things that I can barely even pinpoint because they were so very ingrained, and I was doing it all to myself. She has loved me and helped me through the lowest years of my life, and although I’m still learning, her sight and her willingness to share true alignment with me has helped to grow in me an ability I have always had but never used – And that is the ability to surrender my limitations, and truly know a healed life.


Dearest Kat… you have in fact exceeded my expectations lol!!! thank you for a wonderful reading. you gave me everything i was looking for and more. keep shining!


I went to Kat when a situation in my life had left me as if I was walking around in a fog for over a month. I could find no direction, nor was I able to clearly see the situation as it truly was. Kat didn’t mislead me and tell me what I wanted to hear, but told me what I NEEDED to hear….the truth. She helped me so much to see “light”. I am so very thankful for her help and genuine concern for my own well-being. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs truthful guidance. Thank you Kat!!!

cp, North Carolina

Ok, so I asked Kat about why a guy didn’t call me back after he called me. She told me he passed out. I asked her why he didn’t call the next day and she said he was surrounded by family. when he called the next day he said EXACTLY what she told me happened. She’s awesome. I really trust her. Definitely call her. She’s honest.


Kat is a down to earth, tell ya like it is psychic. You can tell her anything, and she does not judge. In fact, she’s probably been through it too. If you want the truth, good or bad, then call Kat.

JCB, Indiana

Wonderful call as usual. She is solid everytime. She always tells me what i need to do, the truth, no sugar coating…. Love You!!


Kat is a great reader. I spoke to her several years ago and what she said came through. Now, she’s continuing the story. Call her, she is right on. She’s easy to talk to and down to earth. I think you will enjoy your reading.

flying hawk

It is not everyday that you will find an advisor as acurate as Kat. She had predicted accurately how my business will be successful … She had guided me thru my transition out of my job thru becoming a successful businesswoman. Now granted … that she can be quite brutal and frank but at least she had prepared me for what has to come. Thanks Kat!


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