Original Poetry by Kat Avino

©2006. Cannot be republished without written permission from author

Strength from Within

There comes a time when when we must choose to stand tall
Not lean on others or make excuses for when we fall
This is not to say we should not capitalize
When someone appears and helps us revitalize
Just know when to say enough to a supposed good thing
To learn to be alone and still want to sing
Know when it is time to throw caution to the sky
And face the unknown with faith and not question why

We all love to stay cozy in our comfort zone
Just realize this peaceful place is only on loan
So choose to stand tall and act wise
Quit the nonsense and silly lies

As the healthy tree grows strong with each season
So can we blossom with honesty and valid reason
Burst with hope and leave despair at the door
Know you deserve abundance and so much more

An Angel Walks Beside Us

We think we are alone,
In our thoughts and in our pain.
We think we set the tone,
As we tally our loss and gain.

The path we carve each day,
Is never smooth or straight.
The path we chose today,
Ultimately decides our future fate.

Our mind is our greatest gift,
Always willing to dare.
Our heart gives us our lift,
So filled with hopes and prayer.

We take these two into battle,
Fighting our every foe.
We take them like cattle,
Blindly facing every woe.

Single purpose until it smothers,
Standing solo at each ledge.
Single purpose from all others
Were the ones, created the wedge.

Must this life,
Be so lonely,
Must our life,
Be filled with our thoughts only.

Can our eyes be opened,
To those we cannot see?
Can our hearts be opened,
To those that can not be?

Do we dare to hope to know,
Our special wish, to be a pair?
Do we want to make it so,
And learn for once, how to share?

All it takes is peace and quiet
Love and hope that lives inside us.
All it takes is to desire it,
To know the Angel that walks beside us.

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