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Welcome to an opportunity for inspiring psychic readings to assist you in creating a happier more fulfilled life. My God given gifts are provided through spirit guides, angels, and your past-over loved ones. Allow me the honor to aid you in your journey to your highest good for today and the future.


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Are you ready for accurate answers and make positive changes in your life with the aid of a 5***** star psychic, empath and medium? I am dedicated to helping as I have for years on several internet advisor lines and in-person readings across the country and the world.

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People are either love based or fear based. Which one do you choose to be?

As a construction manager, I re-build structures; As a psychic, I re-build lives.

We are all works in progress.

We all deserve love and abundance.

Why Call?
Kat Avino 

Just can’t get your ex out of your mind? Looking to connect with past over loved ones? Having troubles finding Mr Right? You know you’ve found the right partner, but they won’t commit? Call me for solutions.

How to Call
Kat Avino 

I work best with a voice, so I am only taking phone and face to face readings. I am available just about every day of the week. Call me before you schedule if you want to verify the time in advance. 516-225-8054