A Little More about Me

It is always difficult to describe oneself especially in an impersonal medium such as the Internet. I will try my best to give you a glimpse as to what I am about and what I hold must dear because I am asking you to trust me to guide you and discuss your inner most hopes, dreams and fears. My gifts became fully aware to me after a very long and delicate throat and back surgery. It was quite a surprise to hear voices and hear people thoughts at the age of 41. The gifts and abilities just grew with time. Voices, feelings, pictures and passed over spiritual contact. Yes, I became very weird!

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First and foremost I cherish and respect my gifts which were given to me to use for a person’s highest good. I have and never will lose sight of this tremendous responsibility. I do not consider myself a “fortune teller”. My work is as a spiritual adviser, friend, and conduit for the universal energy and communication. This ability to be able to tap into and provide you with answers for you to create a more happy, healthy and prosperous future is truly a blessing.

I am been plagued throughout my adult life with health and relationship problems. My chosen career was nontraditional and I was faced with constant barriers to be able to be successful and financially secure. These difficulties offered me an opportunity to grow strong and define who I was a human being and businesswoman. I chose to be better never bitter. Strangely as it seems I have grown to be grateful for these tough times. I saw them as challenges never as anything that I could not overcome and excel. It was not easy but was very doable.

I am very blessed to have traveled to many countries and enjoyed sharing conversation and wonderful sites and food with people of many cultures. I have been to the ancient ruins of Mexico, Turkey, Rome and Gibraltar to name a few. I have swam in almost every ocean and sea. I sailed from one Continent across the equator to Africa and stood on the water’s edge and marveled at the expanse. Standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon brought me tranquility to my soul and tears to my eyes. Travel is something that I not only relish, I thrive on. Sedona has renewed me, Marrakesh amazed me, and the zip line in Honduras made me feel young again. These experiences have helped define me as much as the day to living of life.

My greatest blessing of all was flying to Russia 12 years ago and taking a child into my heart and my home. Because before she came into both places they never had such joy and completeness. My lovely, compassion and gifted child Katrina makes my days worthwhile. She is my muse and my friend. She has grown into a charming, wise and lovely young woman. She is truly my greatest gift and source of pride.

In closing I would like to share the fact that I consider myself extremely blessed and lucky to have lived my life doing what I loved most. I have been fortunate to be in a position to take nothing — an empty lot or rundown building – and make it something wonderful for people to enjoy. The privileged gift to give life back to something almost gone and lost. Now I have been given a greater privilege to help people. People who have given up and may feel lost and provide guidance and information, so that together we can breathe life back and create an amazing vibrant happy spirit. Who has it better than me? Anyone who wants to be happy–It is very simple we make it complicated…Life is what we make it, so let’s make it wonderful.

God Bless Love Kat

If you’d like to ask any questions about me or how I do phone and/or face to face readings, feel free to contact me. I’d be delighted to speak to you. Please email (kathleenavino@gmail.com ) or call (516-225-8054). I will answer emails within 24 hours. — Love, Kat Avino
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Call me now to hear that little loving voice. I am waiting.

I help people embrace and visualize their potential within themselves and their desires. I aid people to really see, feel, and heal, many, for the first time. I now know my source and reason for being.

Here’s how it happened-

Everyday seemed like an uphill battle
Filled with confusion and harmful choice
That little loving voice fighting to be heard
Always so silenced and ignored
As the years passed and memories mounted
Inside barren and lonely
Always so tired and frustrated
Finally, that little loving voice fought back
It used the body to be heard
The illness was slow at first, but
Always so present and determined

As I laid in bed unable to function as accustomed
I had no choice but to listen and accept
That little loving voice
Always steadfast and single-minded
That little loving voice filled me with hope
As with a wellspring, it fed my body and spirit
Its words gave me a knowing
Always so tried, true and trusted
Now, as I live my life in awareness and perfect health
I know its spiritual source and purpose
Gratefully, I have been shown my true calling
Always ready to share, give love and be loved.

Here’s how I happened-

It began on a stoop in the heart
Of a city called Brooklyn
Where many a person got their start
Blessed with a sister and parents, quite daring
Together we all lived, and with a mere shout
Would summon a grandparent quickly appearing.
We always had what we needed
If not what we always wanted
We were solidly planted and well seeded.
Yelling and screaming, no lie
Was how we all clearly communicated
Hugs and kisses were never in short supply.
My parents had a real challenge on their hands
A child so head strong and willful always questioning
Full of endless demands.

Thirty rough years in construction
Did little to soften my steel resolve
A tough road paved to near self -destruction.
It took a chronic illness, divorces, and financial strife
For me to see what really mattered
In order for me to change for the better, my life.
Like everyone, I have both blessings and woes
Parents still living, children still growing, however
I now more easily face all my many highs and lows
I awake each day filled with gratitude
Giving, teaching and loving from my heart and soul
Never again fearing anything or anyone, not even solitude.